Friday, February 22, 2008

George Washington's Birthday

February 22 used to be a holiday: George Washington's Birthday.

Here is last's years blog post on this subject. Still relevant.

It is difficult for Americans in our day to understand the staggering influence and admiration that Washington once commanded. As President Calvin Coolidge acknowledged nearly a century ago: "Washington was the directing spirit without which there would have been no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic. . . . We cannot yet estimate him. We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine Providence which kept him to serve and inspire his fellow man."

So well did America understand that Washington had been used of God, that previous generations even preached sermons about him. Here is a Sermon celebrating George Washington's Birthday in 1863.

I remain convinced that Washington, Jefferson, Sam Adams, John Hancock, and every other signer of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution would agree that the federal government of 2008 is the greatest threat to everything the Founders stood for, which can be summed up as "Liberty Under God," and must be abolished.

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