Friday, April 07, 2006

Is the Republican Party a Cult?

When a Christian answers the question, "What is a Cult?" the answer usually turns on a deviation from Christian orthodoxy. When an atheist is asked "What is a 'Cult'?" the answer centers around authority: "an all-powerful leader who is usually thought to be the Messiah."

If one combines these two definitions, one must conclude that the Republican Party is the largest and most dangerous cult in America.

One must keep in mind that reputation is not everything. Richard Nixon had a reputation as being a "conservative," but the more honest and less partisan liberals admitted that Nixon was no conservative. Bruce Bartlett's book Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy shows that Dubya is not an orthodox conservative. He is clearly one of the most liberal Presidents in American history, and his explosive growth of big government will top FDR's.

Submissive Followers + Unorthodoxy = "Cult"
Now Will Grigg, whose blog James Bovard called "one of the zestiest, hard-hitting political blogs anywhere," has asked, "When Did Conservatism Become a Cult?" This is essential reading. It shows the messianic devotion of the fanatic Bushites. Devotion to Bush is as fanatic as Bush's deviation from conservative orthodoxy, a combination which has to be a classic mark of a cult.

From a Christian perspective, the genuflection recorded by Grigg is horrifying, especially if one is convinced that big government and the killing of over a million non-combatant Iraqis over the last 15 years are contrary to the teachings of Christ. The Bible is an anti-socialist and anti-militarist document; the neo-conservatives are pro-BigGovernment and pro-MassMurder. From this Biblical perspective, Bush's policies are unorthodox , and blind obsequious fawning servile compliance offered toward this idol is cult-like in the extreme. If David Koresh and the Mormons are cults, they are not as dangerous a cult as the Republican Party, which possesses and uses weapons of mass destruction.

It is for this reason that the Libertarian Party offers the only avilable alternative -- and indeed the most Christian alternative -- for Christians. In an age of world-wide democide -- mass-murder of millions by political mega-power cults -- the opening words of the Libertarian Party's "Statement of Principles" stands as an electrifying summons to the entire human race:
We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state...."

As a Christian I cannot join any political party that does not challenge the most dangerous cult of all. There are hundreds of Christian ministries warning about the danger of "cults," but none of them addresses this epoch threat.

There are at least 200 million people in America who claim to be Christian, but they are trapped in a mind-numbing cult. This is a voting block that could advance the progress of mankind by orders of magnitude, if they could only be deprogrammed to end their non-rational devotion to the Republican Party.

Imagine a cult leader who claims to be Jesus Christ, the Creator of the world, and demands that his followers worship him by having sex with him. Can there be "reform" of this cult? Can a Christian "work within" this cult? Are there "moderate" members of this cult who excuse their membership by saying "I don't go 'all the way'"?

Everything that Republicans criticized Bill Clinton for doing has been done on a more massive scale by this Republican Administration -- with the possible exception of that Blue Dress thing. The Bush Administration seeks nothing less than the abolition of the United States of America. This homicidal cult must be unmasked.

The Craig for Congress campaign is a small effort towards national deprogramming.


David Schantz said...

I just wondered if you had ever heard about George's conversations with God. I posted a message about that on April 8.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Kevin Craig said...

You posted this link.

I first saw it here.

I don't really believe much of anything Bush says. The only thing that would make a pathological liar like Bill Clinton worse would be religious delusions. He would justify all his big-government programs by saying God told him to do it. Oh wait . . . that's what we have now!

Worse than a candidate with religious delusions are millions of voters who believe them.

Anonymous said...

Posted by: Bernie Brauer

Anonymous said...

Did the FBI under the
Republican Party administration
assassinate Michael Zebuhr
for probing George Bush
of the Republican Party, et al
participation, implimentation,
planning and subsequent
cover-up of 911 World Trade Center DEMOLITION? Was it George Bush
and his controller billionaire
pupeteers, and not Muslim patsies
that did this?

posted by Bernie Brauer

Anonymous said...

Kevin Craig said... claims that

"Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, Alex Jones, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 truth movement are [not] truly exposing the 9/11 attack."

Why am I wrong to think that this kind of purer-than-thou mentality is not itself "cultic?"

Kevin Craig said...

Regarding Bush's "Conversations with God," in today's post I have a link to Irenaeus' work "Against Heresies," specifically his comments on the Cainites. In sec. 2 of chap 31, Irenaeus says,

An angel, they maintain, attends them in every one of their sinful and abominable actions, and urges them to venture on audacity and incur pollution. Whatever may be the nature of the action, they declare that they do it in the name of the angel, saying, "O thou angel, I use thy work; O thou power, I accomplish thy operation!" And they maintain that this is "perfect knowledge," without shrinking to rush into such actions as it is not lawful even to name.

Like murdering a million Iraqis?

Anonymous said...

Why am I wrong to think that this kind of purer-than-thou mentality is not itself "cultic?"
Because you have not spent at
least two hours stuying each
of these two websites:
Respectfully, Bernie Brauer