Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ronald Reagan and the Strategic Defense Initiative

On this day in 1984, Ronald Reagan wrote the Foreword for a Report on the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Contrary to some detractors who slanderously characterized Reagan as an ignorant actor, Reagan was capable of understanding these issues, as his hand-written radio broadcasts reveal.

Reagan understood the danger of nuclear weapons and the insanity of "Mutually Assured Destruction." Clearly, Missile Defense is the more Christian policy.

But today, the danger is less from ballistic missiles and more from "briefcase bombs" or "dirty bombs." The detonation of just one of these bombs in any western nation will result in martial law and the end of the Constitution.

The United States federal government owes an apology to the world for developing nuclear weapons and being the only government to deploy them against innocent non-combatant civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The United States must lead the world to nuclear disarmament by announcing unilateral nuclear disarmament as an act of moral leadership. Repentance must be the cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy, as we suggested a month ago.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Infant discovered in barn, child protective services launch probe and put child in foster care

Infant discovered in barn, child protective services launch probe and put child in foster care 12/25/11

Infant discovered in barn, El Paso County child protective services launch probe and put child in foster care

Nazareth carpenter being held on charges involving underage mother and child abuse

December 25, 2011, Eastern El Paso County, Colorado ‹ Authorities were today alerted by an anonymous call from a concerned citizen who noticed a family living in a barn. Upon arrival, Department of Human Services Child Protective Service (EPC DHS) personnel, accompanied by sheriffs deputies, took into protective custody an infant child, who had been wrapped in strips of cloth and placed in a feeding trough by his 14-year old mother, Maria of Nazareth, Texas.

    During the confrontation, a man identified as Joseph, also of Nazareth, Texas, attempted to stop the social workers. Joseph, aided by several local shepherds and some unidentified foreigners, tried to forestall efforts to take the child, but were restrained by deputies.

     Also being held for questioning are three foreigners who allege to be wise men from an eastern country. ICE (La Migra) and Homeland Security officials are seeking information about these wise guys who may be in the country illegally. A source with ICE states that they had no passports, but were in possession of gold and other possibly illegal substances, and claimed to be following a star in the west. They resisted arrest saying that they had been warned by God to avoid officials and to return quickly to their own country. The chemical substances in their possession will be tested and the "star in the west" is apparently a light on Pikes Peak.

     The owner of the barn is also being held for questioning and faces charges for violating health and safety regulations by allowing people to stay in the stable. Civil authorities are also investigating possible zoning violations involved in maintaining livestock in a commercially-zoned district.

     The location of the infant will not be released, and the prospect for a quick resolution to this case is doubtful. Asked about when the child would be returned to his mother, a Child Protective Service spokesperson said, "The father is middle-aged and the mother definitely underage. We are checking with officials in Nazareth, Texas, to determine what their legal relationship is."

     Joseph has admitted taking Maria from her home in Nazareth because of a problem about a "green card."   

     However, because she was obviously pregnant when they left, investigators are looking into other reasons for their departure. Joseph is being held without bond on charges of molestation, kidnapping, child endangerment, and statutory rape.

     Maria was taken to Memorial Hospital where she is being examined by doctors. Charges may also be filed against her for endangerment. She will also undergo psychiatric evaluation because of her claim that she is a virgin and that the child is the Son of God.

The director of the psychiatric wing said,

     "I don't profess to have the right to tell people what to believe, but when their beliefs adversely affect the safety and well-being of others ‹ in this case her child ‹ we must consider her a danger to others. The unidentified drugs at the scene didn't help her case, but I'm confidant that with the proper therapy regimen we can get her back on her feet."

A spokesperson for EPC DHS said,

     "Who knows what was going through their heads? But regardless, their treatment of the child was inexcusable, and the involvement of these others frightening. There is much we don't know about this case, but for the sake of the child and the public, you can be assured that we will pursue this matter to the end."

Atrributed to Equal Justice Foundation.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Gospel According to Charles Schultz

On February 1, 1993, The Washington Post got into a heap of PR trouble after reporter Michael Weisskopf wrote in a news story that followers of the Christian Right are "largely poor, uneducated and easy to command."

But the secular left has long believed that. Washington D.C. believes they have the right to command us. The secular mainstream media gatekeepers believe they have the right to inform us of everything we need to know.

A notable example goes back to 1965: the television special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

CBS Executives almost scuttled the show because they felt it was "too religious."

The story is told by talk radio kingpin Lee Habeeb in the National Review Online.

As a "culture warrior," I feel a sense of triumph every time Linus is heard over the mainstream media airwaves reading from the Gospel of Luke.

But the war goes beyond the Bible. Secular elites believe they have the right to tell us when to laugh. And they believe Christians are too shallow to appreciate Vince Guaraldi. In the 1960's, the media believed the serfs could only appreciate 3-chord rock'n'roll.

Here's an interview with Habeeb from the World Magazine podcast, "The World and Everything In It":


Newt and Infidelity

Since there is no essential ethical or moral difference between the oath one takes in marriage, and the oath of office, it is proper to ask questions about the political qualifications of one who has repeatedly violated his oath to be faithful to one woman, "in sickness and in health," "till death do us part."

Nobody contests the accusation that Newt Gingrich was not faithful to his first two wives. Constitutionalists like Ron Paul will charge that Newt has consistently promoted government programs which are not authorized by the Constitution, thus repeatedly violating the oath of office he has taken many times.

Now Newt wants to take an oath that will make him the most powerful human being on the planet, and subject him to those powerfully corrupting influences.

Does anyone seriously believe that Newt "Mr. Globalism" Gingrich can remain faithful to a sickly 224-year old hag called the Constitution when the opportunity to run off with a rich young New World Order presents itself?

Friday, December 09, 2011

Evangelism and Foreign Policy

On this day, December 9, in 1822, President James Monroe sent the following message
To the Senate of the United States:
In compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the 22d of February last, "requesting the President of the United States to cause to be collected and communicated to the Senate at the commencement of the next session of Congress the best information which he may be able to obtain relative to certain Christian Indians and the lands intended for their benefit on the Muskingum, in the State of Ohio, granted under an act of Congress of June 1, 1796, to the Society of the United Brethren for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, showing as correctly as possible the advance or decline of said Indians in numbers, morals, and intellectual endowments; whether the lands have inured to their sole benefit, and, if not, to whom, in whole or in part, have such benefits accrued," I transmit a report from the Secretary of War with the accompanying documents.
One can learn more about this act at the Library of Congress:

An ordinance of Congress of Sept. 3, 1788, set apart three tracts of 4,000 acres each at Shoenbrun, Gnadenhutten, and Salem, on Muskingum river, for the Society of United Brethren, to be used in propagating the gospel among the heathen. By act of Congress approved June 1, 1796, provision was made for surveying and patenting these tracts to the society in question, in trust for the benefit of the Christian Indians.
Justice Rehnquist, dissenting in Wallace v. Jaffree, 472 U.S. 38, 103-104 (1985), wrote:
As the United States moved from the 18th into the 19th century, Congress appropriated time and again public moneys in support of sectarian Indian education carried on by religious organizations. Typical of these was Jefferson's treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians, which provided annual cash support for the Tribe's Roman Catholic priest and church. It was not until 1897, when aid to sectarian education [472 U.S. 38, 104] for Indians had reached $500,000 annually, that Congress decided thereafter to cease appropriating money for education in sectarian schools. See Act of June 7, 1897, 30 Stat. 62, 79; cf. Quick Bear v. Leupp, 210 U.S. 50, 77-79 (1908); J. O'Neill, Religion and Education Under the Constitution 118-119 (1949). See generally R. Cord, Separation of Church and State 61-82 (1982). This history shows the fallacy of the notion found in Everson that "no tax in any amount" may be levied for religious activities in any form. 330 U.S., at 15-16.
I oppose all "faith-based initiatives." Congress should not tax people to send missionaries.

However, I support the Christian worldview evident here.

The Indians were often terrorists. Instead of bombing them "back to the stone age," the U.S. Federal Government felt their terrorist activities should be replaced by Christian civilization.

The current anti-Christian regime in Washington D.C. has dedicated $3 trillion to replace a secular/pagan regime in Iraq (which allowed freedom for Christians to propagate the Gospel) with an Islamic theocracy under Sharia Law (where Christian churches are burned with impunity).

A true leader in a Christian nation would inspire voluntary contributions to missionary efforts to civilize the Muslim world, teaching Christianity and capitalism and forging bonds of commerce. Not only does our government prohibit commerce with nations which need to be evangelized, like Cuba, it goes well beyond this isolationism to engage in un-Christian acts of war.

Iraq should have been a mission field, not a battle ground.