Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I Would Give Obama My Guns If He Asks

As a pacifist, I take Jesus seriously:
Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.
Of course, I would never give guns to someone with violent tendencies, like Barack "Fast and Furious" "Predator Drone" Obama. I would melt them down first.

But since I also take Isaiah and the Prophets seriously, I've already melted my guns down. "Swords into Plowshares."

As a pacifist, I'm a bit distressed at all the pro-gun, pro-resistance talk in conservative "constitutionalist" circles. It's gone beyond "You can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers."

With talk from the White House about going after guns, the pro-gun crowd is talking about "resistance." They expect to keep their fingers warm. The new popular phrase is the childish dare,  "Molon Labe" -- "Come and get 'em."

That means using their guns against "government gun-grabbers."

Are you insane, Mr. Labe? If a billionaire like Saddam Hussein cannot protect himself against U.S. weapons-grabbers, what makes you think you can?

The economic policies of the Bush-Obama regime have destroyed millions of jobs. Maybe your next-door neighbor has lost his job. In response, the government offers to "solve" unemployment by hiring and deputizing people to enforce Obama's gun control laws.

"Molon Labe" means you're willing to kill your next-door neighbor.

He's already called in back-up, of course, so you will be surrounded soon.

If you continue to resist, you will be killed.

It's just a matter of time.

The government will win this conflict against you and your "Second Amendment" and your pathetic "weapons cache."

In the meantime, your last act on earth was killing your next-door neighbor and attempting to "save America" by "drawing a line" and "standing up for the Constitution."

This is not what civilization is made of.

I Repudiate the Second Amendment

Pacifists are always asked, "What would you do if a rapist broke into your home and was going to rape your wife or daughter? Would you just let him?"

While no pacifist would intentionally kill the rapist, no serious pacifist (from blogger to scholar) would "just let him" have his way. Pacifists are against violence, so they employ hundreds of alternatives to lethal force in order to prevent violence.

What Would You Do If . . . ?   -- Pacifist alternatives to lethal force

But here's the question too few pacifists turn back at their non-pacifist Inquisitor: 
"What would YOU do if a rapist broke in your home: create a military-industrial complex to slaughter a hundred thousand Christians in Iraq?"
The answer is, YES, that's what non-pacifists do. They create "police" and "military" -- institutions of systematic violence and murder, funded by theft from others. They prefer their own "personal peace and affluence" over "Liberty Under God." Their world is ego-centered rather than God-centered. In order to avoid pacifism, they make it illegal for public school  teachers to teach students that God says in the Bible "Thou shalt not kill." The way of Christ the "Prince of Peace" is derided as "impractical," "unrealistic," and "utopian."

In a Christian pacifist world, we all dwell safely -- more or less -- under our own Vine & Fig Tree
In a secular non-pacifist world, we annihilate each other. Tax-funded Democide.

Each one of us is going to die eventually. Hundreds of millions more human beings will live longer if each of us preaches peace and lives it out in our lives.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Social Apologetics

My article "Social Apologetics," published 30 years ago (gasp!) by Gary North, was referred to recently on a blog called "Talk to Action," an anti-Religious Right blog.

Theocratic Libertarianism: Quotes from Gary North, Ludwig von Mises Institute Scholar

I would like to correct that article to reflect my rejection of capital punishment,but also subject the article to wholesale re-writing under the title "Anarchist Apologietics."