Saturday, August 18, 2012

$222 Trillion Controlled Demolition

People sometimes ask me why I'm running for political office when I am not an archist. The reason is simple: I do not believe in violent revolution.

If Samuel Adams -- "Father of the American Revolution" -- were to travel through time and view Washington D.C. today, he would take up arms. Or he would be tempted to, until he came into contact with the U.S. Federal Government's SWAT teams, predator drones, and nukes.

Violent revolution is not only unChristian, but hopeless.

Adams would have to satisfy himself with urging Americans to repeal the Constitution and abolish the government Adams himself helped create.

But the only way Americans can follow the wise advice of Sam Adams would be to elect those who share Adams' vision, and are willing to carry out the mandate of the People and the Declaration of Independence.

I share Adams' vision. I am ready to keep the promises made (and broken) by the Republican Party, and start abolishing. And keep going down that path.

If we don't begin immediately to dismantle the Leviathan in Washington D.C., and do it "decently and in order," the federal Leviathan will self-destruct in chaotic and unpredictable ways, and trigger global economic meltdown, chaos and riots by people who have become dependent -- economically and psychologically -- on the Messianic State, and possibly leave us with a dystopian "warlord society." The German hyperinflation of the 1920's led to Adolph Hitler.

It's a truly horrifying prospect, which Congress refuses to deal with, because they only have to worry about buying more votes during the twenty-two months before the next election.

I have been shocked to learn about the depth of federal indebtedness. I first blogged about it in 2007 when it was estimated at 60 trillion dollars, then followed up in 2010 when it was recalculated at $202 trillion.

The latest figure is $222 trillion.

Professor Kotlikoff observes, "Governments, like households, can’t indefinitely spend beyond their means. America’s children, whose futures are being rapidly destroyed, are smart enough to tell us this."

Congressmen who care more about their own election than the inevitable economic dislocation, pain, and widespread social chaos that will be caused by today's deficit spending fit the definition of a "sociopath."

Repudiating the National Debt.mp3 - Murray N. Rothbard