Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On Overthrowing Governments

Libertarians want smaller government. I personally would like to eliminate "the government" altogether, not just make it "smaller." Many Christians are appalled at my "anarchism" because they believe the Bible (Romans 13) says "the government" is approved by God and we should submit to it, not overthrow it.

Yet they voted for George Bush, who violently overthrew the government of Iraq, and they support the violent overthrow of the British government by the American colonies (July 4th, 1776). Indeed, Americans who support the violent overthrow of the government (which is defended by the Declaration of Independence and the Second of the Bill of Rights), tend to support (or ignore) the federal government's long historical record of overthrowing other governments around the world.

Take a couple of hours to attend a law school class on the U.S. record of overthrowing governments:

Buy Kinzer's book, Overthrow:

I agree that we should "submit" to "the government," and not use violence to overthrow it. Find out why Romans 13 is the most abused passage of Scripture in history, and does not legitimize the idea of "the government."

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