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Response to Jason

Thanks for your comment on my previous post, Jason; I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my position. My response to you in the comments section became long enough that I decided to make a new post.

I am running for U.S. Congress. Under the U.S. Constitution, which all Congressmen must take an oath to support, the federal government has no authority to repeal state anti-sodomy laws. Repeal of state laws must come from the bottom up, not the top down.

If you read my platform on homosexuality, which is linked on the blog post you commented on, you'll see that I oppose all government penal sanctions against homosexuality. As a libertarian, I consider such laws to be an unwarranted "initiation of force." I advocate the abolition of the federal government, and all federal laws concerning homosexuality, as well as abolition of the state governments, and their anti-sodomy laws.

I am, as you can see, a radical libertarian.

I believe America's Founding Fathers were radical libertarians as well. They said it is our duty to abolish any government which "becomes destructive" of the rights God has given us. Our government today is ten times more oppressive than the one they fought to abolish. I'm confident the Founders would agree with my agenda if they were here today.

They were also radical Christians (at least in the eyes of the ACLU) because they believed the State was "under God."

I believe no civil government belongs in the bedroom. Of course, Jason, you may agree with 99% of most Americans, who believe the civil government belongs in the bedroom if an adult is sexually molesting a child. Most people believe there should be SOME government in bedrooms.

[I edited a sentence out of this paragraph. Details here.] Whatever you do in your bedroom is no business of jackbooted thugs from Washington D.C. But I'm also a Christian, and as a Christian libertarian, I believe I have the right to evict a child molester if he's renting the bedroom from me. That could well be illegal under current "anti-discrimination" statutes, which prohibit landlords from "discrimination" against tenants based on "sexual preference."

As a Christian, I agree with every single person who signed the Constitution: homosexuality is a violation of "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God." Americans should be free to "impose" their morality on themselves, their families, their businesses, and all other voluntary associations and organizations which they form or to which they belong. They should be able to form contracts which "discriminate" against homosexuals, and have those contracts enforced by Arbitration Associations agreed upon by both the Christian and the homosexual in advance.

You say "no government of any type belongs in the bedroom." I believe no government of the political/legal/civil type belongs anywhere. But I believe in self-government. America is a land of "Liberty Under God," which means freedom from State oppression, but America is also a land of self-government in terms of Christian morality. America's Founding Fathers believed limited civil government was possible only with self-government by people who had been raised with Christian morality.

Thus, I believe in "anarchy" as far as "the State" is concerned, and I believe in Christian "Theocracy" everywhere else. I oppose "the State" because it is the institutionalization of systematic violence. I believe in "Liberty UNDER GOD," as my campaign slogan recites.

Let me ask you a question, Jason: How libertarian are you really? Do you believe Christians should be free to discriminate against homosexuals in their own businesses or contractual relationships? Do you believe Christians should be free to publish negative information about homosexuality which is calculated to persuade people not to tolerate homosexuals in their business or contractual relationships? Would you be willing to repeal all government laws against "discrimination" (including "discrimination" based on "sexual preference") and grant these freedoms to Christians in exchange for the abolition of all government anti-sodomy laws? I believe government is on the side of homosexuals, and if government were cut back to libertarian standards, Christians would benefit more than homosexuals.

For a Biblical defense of anarchism and the abolition of all "government laws" against homosexuality and child molestation, see:

For an explanation of how libertarianism actually increases the amount of government we have (that is, "self-government"), and how libertarianism would increase opportunities for Christians to "impose" God's Law on our society, see:

In a Christian libertarian Theocracy, child molestation will be unacceptable. But violence will also be an unacceptable response to child molestation, which is why it will be "legal" -- that is, no government violence will be meted out against perpetrators. But segregation of child molesters and children will be acceptable, so there will be ways to accomplish this. Child molesters will be boycotted. Landlords will not rent to tenants who are child molesters, in order to make their apartments "family friendly." Grocers will not sell food to child molesters. Employers will not hire child molesters. Knowledge about who is and who is not a child molester is already publicly available. There will arise various Christian ministries which will contact these people, saying, "We understand you're a child molester. You're probably having trouble getting a job, a place to stay, and someone to sell things to you. Our ministry can help you overcome your sin, and once you graduate from our program and we accredit you, members of our network will hire you, rent to you, and sell to you."

In a Libertarian Theocracy, no "government" of a political type is involved, but there is obviously more "government" in terms of self-government, neighborhood government, workplace government, commercial government, etc. All voluntary. All non-violent This process would work to reduce crimes by theives, embezzlers, shoplifters (all of whom would be required to make resititution to their victims), murderers, abortionists, child molesters and homosexuals.

I believe crimes would be more infrequent when they are "legalized" by Christian Theocrats than they are when they are "criminalized" by government politicians.

And of course, all these ideas will not appear quite so bizarre when government no longer forces all schools to be secular, and parents can make sure their children are taught the ideas of America's Christian Founding Fathers.

I hope this helps explain how I harmonize radical libertarianism and radical Christianity.

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