Friday, July 06, 2007

Shunning Government Down

If America's Founding Fathers were to travel through time to our day, there can be no doubt that they would see that everything they risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for, had been undone and lost.

They would have to start over.

And they would, too, because the U.S. government is far more tyrannical than the government they worked to overthrow in 1776. The United States is an atheistic dictatorship with taxes ten times greater than those fought against in 1776, a nation where school teachers are no longer permitted to teach America's next generation that the Declaration of Independence really is true.

But America's Founding Fathers made a mistake by using armed violence to change things. Taking up arms -- muskets and cannons -- against the British Empire was as unChristian as Jewish proposals to take up arms against the Roman Empire. Jesus said No to these tactics.

But if it was right to call the British government over the colonies a tyranny, and seek to end tyranny, it is more right to call the U.S. government a tyranny, and seek to abolish it.

Here is how:

No Force, No Fraud: Shunning government down

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