Friday, November 02, 2007

Conservative Christians Reject Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor and Rev. Mike Huckabee is said to do a knock-out impersonation of Bill Clinton. Both are great communicators, able to connect with "the folks at home."

When he first entered the race for President, many assumed that Huckabee's background as a Baptist preacher made him a shoe-in for the Christian conservative vote.

But the Religious Right is turning against Huckabee, as they learn more about his record in Arkansas. It appears that Huckabee is a liberal wolf in conservative sheep's clothing.

Howard Phillips, head of the Conservative Caucus, says Hucabee Is A Liberal In Many Ways.

Christian talk-show host Chuck Baldwin warns: Christians Need To Beware Of Mike Huckabee. But Baldwin notes that there are a few notable Christians who are rallying to Huckabee's cause (whatever it is).

The Club For Growth has issued an alarming white paper on Mike Huckabee's Record on Economic Issues, and reminds us that Mike Huckabee is a Tax Hiker .

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