Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King

Today is a federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Racism is unChristian. A white man who invokes a government law to force a black woman to surrender her seat to him and move to the back of the bus is not following Christ, but is a wretched deformation of humanity.

Racism is also irrational. To suggest that John Maynard Keynes or Karl Marx were better economists than Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams -- based solely on the melanin content in their skin or the ethnic heritage of their ancestors -- is lunacy.

To say that Martin Luther King, Jr., does not deserve to have a federal holiday is not inherently "racist." To question the long-term value of the "Civil Rights Movement" is not inherently "racist." Some racists may ask these questions. So may some who strongly oppose racism.

I have suggested Booker T. Washington as a better example than King.
Look at films of blacks and whites using "separate but equal" drinking fountains in southern cities in the 1950's. Are the blacks of New Orleans better off today? Is America better off after the expansion of federal power under Brown vs. Board of Education and the Civil Rights movement?

Would slavery have been eliminated without mass murder and federal intervention in the "Civil War?" Would segregation have been eliminated by a Free Market?

These are legitimate questions.

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