Monday, July 21, 2008

Inflation: Taxation Without Representation

America's Founding Fathers threw tea into the Boston Harbor rather than pay a tax of 3 pence per pound. Considering Americans used only about 10 lbs. of tea per year, today's tax on gas is easily 100 times greater, but no Americans are throwing gas anywhere.

Was their objection not to the amount of the tax, but simply their dogmatic stand: "No Taxation Without Representation"?

Even in that case, the modern federal government is far more tyrannical than the government overthrown in 1776.

Federal Reserve Commissar Ben Bernanke has admitted as much, under the firm but far-too-gentle questioning of Congressman Ron Paul. Will Grigg reports:

“Inflation is a tax," Rep. Paul observed during his colloquy with Bernanke. "And if the Federal Reserve, and you as chairman, have this authority to increase the money supply arbitrarily, you’re probably the biggest taxer in the country."

I couldn't agree with you more that inflation is a tax," admitted Bernanke, quickly seeking to evade responsibility by saying that "inflation currently is too high." The criminal syndicate over which Bernanke presides imposes taxation without representation or accountability.

The Constitution vests the taxing power in the hands of Congress. Not the Executive Branch. Not the Judicial Branch.

Nobody is able to say for sure whether the banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System are private or governmental, but they are not Congress, and every time they create "fiat money," Americans are taxed because the purchasing power of their dollars is transferred away from them. Fed Chairman Bernanke admits this. Everyone knows it.

Any Congressman that fails to call for the abolition of the Federal Reserve is derelict in his duty to "support the Constitution" and God's Laws on Money.

Furthermore, [the Fed] exports that inflation world-wide, thanks to the fact that the instrument of debt the Fed calls the "dollar" is the world's reserve currency. This means that nearly everyone who uses the dollar to conduct business is paying the tax called inflation. This is a unique form of withholding, in that the Fed steals an increment of value from each dollar before it ends up in the hands or accounts of private actors in the economy.

Where a government exercises the power to tax through inflation, no other taxes are "necessary," including the income tax. Furthermore, where governments tax through inflation, no tax evasion is possible, as long as people conduct business in that adulterated currency.

The redoubtable G. Edward Griffin points out that former Fed Chairman Beardsley Ruml admitted that, because of the Fed's ability to tax via inflation, "Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete" -- the title of an essay Ruml published in the January 1946 issue of American Affairs. As Ruml wrote,"given control of a central banking system and an incontrovertible currency [that is, a fiat currency not backed by gold], a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation, therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences."(Emphasis added.)

Thus, where Washington is concerned, taxation exists purely for the purpose of social manipulation through vulgar redistribution of wealth, not to pay the operating costs of government. And as carried out by the IRS, taxation is an instrument of intimidation and terror used to compel social conformity.

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Anonymous said...

Inflation: Taxation Without Representation

Should be: "Currency Inflation:
Taxation Without Representation"

or I guess one could go even further and say:
"Currency Counterfeiting: Theft
Without 51% Approval"

VERB turning into a NOUN could be
a key strategy for evil to prevail in other areas too? For instance
how did the VERB "govern" come to
describe a Criminal Gang?

The very first time a Dictionary Company turned a VERB into
a NOUN, an arrest of the editor
should have been made?