Friday, April 17, 2009

Secularism is Un-Democratic

In his latest column, "Rendering Unto Caesar," Pat Buchanan notes:

In every referendum in 16 states, where homosexual marriage has been on the ballot, majorities ranging from 52 to 86 percent have voted to outlaw it as an absurdity and an abomination.

Yet, in Massachusetts, California and Iowa, unelected judges have imposed it, as they will in other states, regardless of what the people want or how the people vote. For secularism has become the established religion of the American state and judges are the high priests of the new order.

[A major] reason for the triumph of secularism is that it long ago captured the Supreme Court. Since the
Everson decision of 1947, justices have expunged Christianity and all its books and symbols from the public square and public schools.

Voluntary prayer, the Ten Commandments, Bible reading, Christmas plays and carols, Nativity scenes, Easter vacation, before-game prayers, benedictions at graduations -- all have been ordered terminated by unelected judges -- against the will of the majority.

Abortion on demand, too, was imposed by judicial fiat.

Thus, as America ceases to be a Christian country, it is ceasing to be a democratic one.

Why did Christianity lead to more democratic views of government?

First is the idea that all human beings are created in the Image of God, including the lowliest blue-collar worker.

Second is the idea that all human beings are part of a fallen race, including the well-groomed members of the Eastern Liberal Establishment like Bush and Kerry.

The third Biblical idea that has moved humanity from empire to democracy has been "the Consent of the Governed."

Fourth is the idea of "the Priesthood of Every Believer."

Fifth is the idea of "optimillennialism," the view that Christ is redeeming fallen man and his culture in history, not just after some cosmic discontinuity known as "the Rapture," a view which tends toward "pessimillennialism" and a police state.

Finally, a concept of "rights" which is based on God's Law rather than fallen man's wants.

Secularism believes that human beings are no better than insects, except those human beings who understand the great truths of Evolutionism and are therefore qualified to direct the course of evolution by governing the rest of us.

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Christians acting inconsistently with the teachings of Christ and the Bible may have given us thousands of dead bodies in the Spanish Inquisition, but as they become more mature in their faith, Christians become more libertarian. Atheists have given us the Soviet Gulags and hundreds of millions of dead bodies, and as they become more consistent with their atheistic presuppositions, atheistic mega-murders will be vastly multiplied.

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