Saturday, October 17, 2009


I generally like Dr. James Dobson and his "Focus on the Family" radio show. He had an interesting guest this past week. I tried posting the following comment on her blog, Radical Womanhood, a post called, "The Conversation Continues." The blog software told me, "We're sorry, we cannot accept this data." I don't think it was human moderation, but I didn't expect my comment to pass that either, since the webpage I linked to behind my name was this one.

You should read that post before reading my comment:

I was in and out of the room and heard only a couple of lines from the Focus show, but what I heard made me resolve to listen to the whole show later online. I had no idea who the guest was at that time.

I hadn't made time to listen to the show when a friend told me to check out "
ali's african adventures," and as I was looking for that blog, I found a reference to it on your blog, and discovered who was on Dr. Dobson's show. Now I was finally motivated to actually listen to the show. It was very thought-provoking.

After reading "Ali's African Adventure," it's hard for me to agree with Dr. Grudem's claim that nobody over 50 "has not had a significant trial or affliction." As I see it, there are a billion people on earth who live in perpetual "trial or affliction." I would go crazy if "Scotty" were to "beam me" into their world. Americans are the most pampered people on earth. I can't say I've ever been tried or afflicted.

Maybe "trials and afflictions" are the result of marriage and family, and the fact that I have never been married explains why I have not experienced any trials, and is proof that I'm just lazy and irresponsible to have avoided these duties. That could be. I don't know exactly why I have never married (
Jeremiah 17:9). Your three days on Focus and your blog are helping me find answers.

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