Saturday, December 12, 2009

Man "Marries" Video Game Character

You've been married over a decade. You've got kids. You've sacrificed opportunities that Tiger Woods did not sacrifice. You've worked every day, compromised, struggled, lost sleep, expended energy, and remained faithful, honoring the promises you made on your wedding day, to make your marriage successful. Your children are learning valuable lessons from you. They are going to be productive members of society.

But don't get cocky.

You need to admit that a man in Japan who "married" a video game character, with a "priest" "officiating" over the ceremony, has a marriage which is just as valuable to society, requires just as much sacrifice and hard work as your marriage, and should be honored and praised equally with your marriage.

He is being a model of monogamous marital commitment.

You must celebrate "diversity."

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