Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Repudiate the Second Amendment

The Second of the Bill of Rights says:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

For decades, courts and constitutional scholars have been arguing about whether this amendment gives
• an individual right for sportsmen and gun collectors to possess guns,
• or whether the amendment only gives this right to "the militia," e.g., units of the National Guard or some such governmental entity.

Of course, in 1776 there wasn't a thought in the world that "environmentalists" were going to hijack the government and prevent hunters from killing game. And nobody was concerned about guns behind glass in museums or private collections.

The only people who worry about guns in the hands of private citizens are would-be dictators (and other criminals).

Even without the Second Amendment, the Constitution never enumerates any power of the federal government to control the sale and possession of guns. The federal government under the Constitution does not even have the right to ask for a Yahoo email address from a suspicious fellow who wants to buy a truckload of bazookas and machine guns. (No Republican candidate would ever say such a thing.) Libertarians are far more consistent in their opposition to gun control (government control of your guns) than any other political party.

Since most of us are victims of educational malpractice in government-approved schools, we are unfamiliar with the pervasive character of the "Call to Arms" in colonial America. Even the tiny minority of 21st-century Americans who were told about a speech that said "Give me Liberty or give me Death" are unaware that this was part of Patrick Henry’s Call to Arms.

(Death, of course, is not the preferred option. To put it bluntly, "Give me liberty or give me death" says to the tyrannical government, "Give me liberty or I will kill you. Or die trying.")

And so the heart and soul of the Second Amendment is the right of the people to engage in violent revolution against an unconstitutional government. Or to use the words of the Declaration of Independence, to "abolish" "tyranny."

I agree with the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, who said we have a duty to abolish any government that becomes a tyranny, and who would unquestionably say that the Bush-Obama regime is a Mega-Tyranny.

But I hereby repudiate my right to take up arms against the government, or use any other "Second Amendment Remedies."

I believe those responsible for the original Boston Tea Party would vote for me in the November election rather than anyone now running for the Republican or Democrat nomination. This is because I believe most strongly in the duty to abolish tyrannical governments. But the irony is, I would not have participated in the Boston Tea Party. I view the original "tea party" as an unChristian act of vandalism.

I fact, I believe the entire American Revolution was unBiblical.

In his letter to the Romans, in the section today labeled "chapter 12" and "chapter 13" (there were no chapter divisions in the original letter), the Apostle Paul told his readers to "bless them which persecute you" (12:14), "never pay back evil for evil" (12:17), "avenge not yourselves" (12:19), "if thine enemy hunger, feed him" (12:20), and "overcome evil with good" (12:21). Paul goes on to say that this "pacifist" attitude should characterize even our dealings with the most evil entity on the planet: "the powers that be" (13:1).

It is impossible to reconcile the Bible and the American Revolution, though the Founding Fathers, virtually all of whom claimed to be Christian, often tried to do so. Using a musket to shed the blood of another Christian wearing a Red Coat, or flying an airplane into an IRS office, cannot be a Christ-like response to tyranny. So quote this:

Kevin Craig repudiates the Second Amendment and his right to take up arms against the Bush-Obama regime.

However, to repeat, both the Bible and the Declaration of Independence declare that we have a duty to abolish tyranny. The Bible would qualify this: not with muskets, but with reason and persuasion and the power of the Holy Spirit to turn tyrants into servants.

One of the greatest ironies in all of American History is that of Republicans in the 21st century who claim to support the 2nd Amendment, but continue voting for tyranny in the form of unconstitutional Wall Street Bailouts, expansion of unfunded Medicare liabilities, secularist domination of local schools by federal bureaucrats, entangling alliances with foreign dictators, no-win wars, and stripping gold from the dollar. Republicans talk big about supporting small arms for "collectors" and "sportsmen," while ignoring the entire purpose of the Second Amendment: to overthrow tyranny in defense of liberty. Patriots today have a "right" to a very limited range of puny weapons vs. a federalized and militarized government police. We have neutered "rights" and a powerful tyranny. But the candidates talk tough about our "Second Amendment rights."

If the Signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 could see the U.S. today, they would draft a new indictment of a government far more tyrannical than the government they abolished in a bloody war that lasted nearly 10 years. The two major parties have given us tyranny.

Americans must not be content with a sham Second Amendment. True Americans must repudiate "Second Amendment remedies," the government's promises of "security," and the myth that ours is still a "free state."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for defending the right to bear arms. I would note however, that when men in body armor kick in the doors of those suspected of (even nonviolent) offenses, with the full support of the public, that the time for motions and court proceedings has passed.
The TSA now asserts its ostensible authority to (not only exist, which is bad enough), but also to harass the public on roadways, as well as at airports. I shall not even mention the neofascist Border Patrol checkpoints that are miles from the border. TSA agents routinely commit what would be prosecuted as sexual assault if committed by mere civilians. The War on Drugs, The Patriot Act, domestic use of drones, various and sundry gun control laws, and the NDAA are turning America into a fascist police state. In certain big cities, the transformation is complete.
I believe that one has the right to resist tyranny with whatever meansone has at one's disposal. I condone resistance against unjust use of force, but not revolution. Randy Weaver (whose racial views I emphatically do not share) acted justly; Timothy McVeigh acted murderously