Friday, February 25, 2011

Anonymous Hacks Westboro

Jael Phelps, granddaughter of America's most hated preacher, Fred Phelps, has posted a screen shot of Westboro Baptist Church's infamous website, The website was vandalized by a group of hackers calling themselves "Anonymous," or at least by one hacker calling itself "th3j35t3r" ["the jester"].

From a libertarian perspective, "Anonymous" has initiated force, engaged in aggression, and perpetrated an act of violence against the website. Even libertarians who reject "intellectual property" concepts can distinguish between copying someone's property and destroying it.

But this act of desperation should come as no surprise. "Anonymous," like the vast majority of Americans, are victims of educational malpractice at the hands of government-run or government-accredited schools. Americans are unable to engage in critical thinking. Therefore Americans are unable to engage in original thinking. Americans simply parrot politically correct slogans ["God loves everybody"]. Americans are all unthinking anonymous conformists.

Zombies who cannot refute an idea with reason and truth throw a temper-tantrum. Unable to understand a proposition, analyze it, and demonstrate its falsity, they must resort to aggression.

As a result of hacking the Westboro website, perhaps millions of people have typed in the words "God-Hates-Fags-dot-com" just to see the "triumph" of "Anonymous." The seeds of thought are planted in many minds that cannot refute them. "th3j35t3r" has spread Westboro's message far and wide. And this is why Jael Phelps can sincerely believe that


Who are the Haters?

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Kevin Craig said...

Technically, I'm reading that Anonymous hacked the website, and says someone else hacked

Right. OK. Whatever.