Friday, March 04, 2011

Balanced Budget and Fair Tax vs. the Constitution

Lawrence Vance has a nice essay explaining why those who invest time or money promoting a "Balanced Budget Amendment" and/or a "Fair Tax" are part of the problem, not part of the solution:

Lessons from a Bloated Budget

If Washington D.C. "balanced" its spending on the Department of Education with increased revenue from a "Fair Tax," America's Founding Fathers would say we still have "tyranny."

More votes in Congress are required to amend the Constitution than are required to annually balance a budget. Who really believes that an unbalanced Congress would vote for a balanced budget amendment that really required them to do what they already refuse to do?

Such an amendment would only be for show. At best. The only Amendment such politicians would vote for is one that actually buttresses their tyrannical powers.

Politicians who take the Lord's Name in vain by violating their oath of office through their support for spending which exceeds the enumerated powers of Congress are not "fiscally responsible" if they spend trillions of unconstitutional dollars. An attempt to "balance" an unconstitutionally tyrannical budget is the mark of a sociopath who cares more about the empty slogans that will lead to re-election than he cares about millions of Americans who will suffer.

"Cause Suffering."
Those are harsh words to apply to good conservatives who promote "the Fair Tax" and a "Balanced Budget Amendment."
America's Founding Fathers would have even harsher words.


Kevin Craig said...

Put another way: the Constitution already prohibits the majority of Congressional spending. Nobody follows the Constitution. A Balanced Budget Amendment is like changing the SAT test in response to poor student performance. It sets a new norm of previously unconstitutional spending, and requires higher taxes or more "quantitative easing" to balance future spending. But then, who expects Washington D.C. to follow the newly-amended Constitution any better than the Constitution before it got amended?

Kevin Craig said...

We don't need a "balanced" budget, we just need a Constitutional budget.

BBCW: Billy Long Pushes for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Kevin Craig said...

We Don't Need No Stinking Amendment by Mark Carroll