Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Fed Audit: Taxation Without Representation

Really, now; what's so bad about "taxation without representation?"

Taxation is theft, at least without some color of legal authority.

Suppose Congress passed a law giving the Chinese government authority to take as much money as it wanted out of our paychecks. Would that be "representation?" Most people would say no.

What if Congress passed a law giving bankers the authority to print all the money they wanted, even if that meant that the dollars in our savings accounts would lose purchasing power?

It's called "The Federal Reserve," and since the latter part of 2007, has printed over $16 Trillion out of thin air and given it to other banks, even banks overseas, robbing our dollars of the power to purchase things we had planned to purchase, or create jobs we had planned to create.

The Fed Audit - Newsroom: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont)

Fed Audit: Trillions For Foreign Banks, Conflicts of Interest

Inflation is a tax, a transfer of purchasing power. The Fed is taxation without representation. The Declaration of Independence says this is tyranny, and it says we have a duty to abolish tyranny.

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