Friday, August 12, 2011

Peace One Day

Here is an energetic campaigner:

So why don't I share his optimism?

First, as long as human beings are at war with their Creator, they will be at war with every human being who is created in His image.

Second, those who want to “be as gods, knowing good and evil” -- and I'm speaking primarily about those who are part of "the State" -- will never give up war, because "war is the health of the State." To the extent that heads of state join in promoting this day of peace, it is only symbolism, as one of his critics said. I can agree with Bretigne Shaffer:

if we are even to imagine "... a bright, warless world," then it is not enough to build memorials, march for peace or repeat the mantra "never again!" It is not enough to appeal to those who start and live by wars to make them stop. We must identify the real source of all war: Not a particular nation or even a particular kind of weapon, but the institution of the state itself, with no real mechanism to hold it accountable, that enables some people to rain death and unimaginable misery upon others with impunity
Remembering Mr. Miyamoto

But this still begs the question. How to get those at the helm of the State to repudiate the vehicle through which they exercise their own deity. The fundamental issue is not military or political, it is religious.

I certainly support his idea for a day of peace, however. And I can only be impressed with the degree to which he has put his feet to the pavement in pursuit of his goal. I should be as dedicated in pursuit of my goal.

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