Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grassfire Nation - Tea Party Survival Guide

If any reader of this blog contributes to Grassfire Nation, please send me your extra copy of their "Tea Party Survival Guide."

Click for Tea Party Survival Guide

Mail it to
P.O. Box 179
Powersite, MO 65731

Make sure you leave a comment indicating that you've done this, so others won't have to.

Or if a pdf is available somewhere, please send me the link.



Anonymous said...

Or you could donate a dollar and get two yourself... I'm sure they'd be grateful...

Kevin Craig said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous.

First, "a dollar" won't cut it. They want thirty before they send the premium. Maybe I misread their offer.

Second, my income went down to zero when I entered full-time volunteer home health care some months ago.

Finally, I can't remember what my relationship with "Grassfire Nation" is, but I know I've been banned by Judson Phillips' "Tea Party Nation." I was also Banned by Glenn Beck. I would never give such people a nickel.

Now, if people like you are on good terms with "Grassfire Nation" "Tea Party Nation," or Glenn Beck, I really have no problem with that. All three do some good. I think I do some good too, even though they don't agree. I don't have the income those other campaigns have, even if they didn't publicly ban me from their forums.

My thinking was that if someone supported my campaign, and wanted to contribute the information offered by "Grassfire Nation," and were already committed to financially supporting "Grassfire Nation," there might be a happy symbiosis here.

Anonymous said...

Ok, no offense intended. The $30 is for ten copies. Any amount merits 2.

If that's your financial situation, that's fine. I'm not affliated with Grassfire Nation.

Kevin Craig said...

No offense taken. I admit I tend to sound overly defensive. Thanks for the comments!