Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Corruption" is Inescapable

If you're like most Americans, you don't vote.
If you're like most Americans, you're not interested in politics.

I sympathize with those who don't vote.
I basically stopped voting for politicians in 1982.
I realized they all had basically the same message:
"Vote for me, and I'll confiscate wealth from your neighbor and give it to you."
Even if you're stealing from the rich, you're still stealing.

Some politicians will promise you benefits (if you vote for them) without stealing directly from your neighbor, but indirectly. They promise to "cut taxes," while still promising benefits for those who vote for them. This means DEBT.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently released a report which revealed that politicians have legally obligated the United States to pay out over $60 trillion in government benefits at some point in time -- money the government doesn't have now, and does not expect to have unless taxes are raised significantly. How much? A "terrifying" amount, to quote the St.Louis fed report.

Over $60 trillion in unfunded legally-obligatory promises made by politicians to those who will vote for them. Unbelievable.

The report is entitled, "Is the United States Bankrupt?" The answer is "yes." If these politicians were officers of private corporations like Enron, these politicians would be in jail.

These practices are fraudulent and unethical.

But these practices are not an aberration. They are not "abnormal."

Stealing from Peter to buy the vote of Paul is what "the government" is all about. This is how it preserves its life.

The only reason "the government" exists is to permit the governors to do things against the governed that would otherwise be immoral and unethical:
  • Take money from other people.
  • Kidnap people.
  • Kill people.
  • Take vengeance on one's enemies.

All these things are unapproved in polite society, unrewarded by the Free Market, but they are legal and taxpayer-financed in the world of "the government."

We cannot eliminate "government corruption" without eliminating the entire concept of "the government." It is an out-dated idea. It was never a good idea.

If you disagree with this, but do indeed want less "corruption," your best bet is to vote for a candidate that believes all government action is corrupt. If you vote for someone who believes some government confiscation of the life, liberty or property of others is morally and ethically legitimate, you vote for someone who has no ultimate restraints on his corruption. America's Founding Fathers crafted what they believed was the greatest political charter in the history of the human race. It was designed as carefully as they knew how to prevent the rise of the very government we have today. Obviously the Constitution is a failure. The promises of today's politicians are worth even less than the Constitution. Everything the greatest sages of the ages have discerned about human nature warns us that a license to steal (taxation) will never atrophy, but will always be used with increasing frequency.

Computers, automobiles, medical supplies, air conditioners, telephones, refrigerators, and everything else that raises our standard of living, can be produced better, more efficiently, more inexpensively, with higher quality, by the Free Market than by "the government." There is nothing that human beings need that can be produced with higher quality and a lower price for more people by "the government" than by the Free Market.

Our system of government is supposedly based on "the consent of the governed." "We the People" don't need to consent to anything anymore. History has taught us that socialism always fails, and capitalism triumphs. Government lowers our standard of living, capitalism raises it.

We didn't need London in 1776, and we don't need Washington D.C. today.

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