Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Christian Case Against "National Defense"

Sequester the entire trillion-dollar defense budget.

The U.S. has no defense against incoming missiles.
"The Defense Dept." can't defend us against 20 hijackers.
So what exactly are we being "defended" against?

Are we really being defended against an "invasion?" I doubt it.
Instead of spending a trillion dollars on "defense," let's just buy the dog-tags (and the allegiance) of every soldier in China's 2.3 million-man army for a quarter of a million dollars each once the invaders get here. Cheaper than the entire defense budget, then they party to celebrate their freedom and invest the windfall back into our economy. My point: no foreign government wants to "invade" America because the lowly chattel-invaders will all defect once they reach our shores.

If they don't want to defect -- if there's no difference between our socialist tyranny and the tyranny of the invaders -- then this nation shouldn't be defended anyway.

If they are pathological and simply want to destroy us, that may be because our "Defense Dept." killed their cousins by dropping a "smart bomb" on their wedding.

For a trillion dollars, we could send a $1,000 check to every Muslim man, woman and child on the entire planet with a nice Hallmark Card that says "America is a great place. Has your government given you a thousand bucks recently?" For millions of Muslims, it's a year's wages. Imagine we had been doing this every year since 1953 when the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected government of Iran. It could be a completely Christianized world by now.

Bribery is better than "defense."
And far more Christian.

"Defense" is just a sham. It's a New Deal-style "public works project" for defense contractors.

The Christian Case Against "National Defense" | Spontaneous audio rant

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