Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ron Paul and Anarcho-Fundamentalism

Libertarian and Republican Party Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is coming out with a home school curriculum:

I haven't studied the curriculum thoroughly, but it appears to be very light on the Bible. (That is, I searched the whole site for the word "Bible" and got zero hits.) This inspired me to think about how Ron Paul should integrate the Bible into his curriculum, or perhaps how an entirely new Bible-based home school curriculum should be created.

Without a doubt, the Ron Paul Curriculum is designed to promote Liberty.

But if there is no Bible Course in the Ron Paul Curriculum, it really cannot equip students to promote liberty.

Contrary to the shrill hysteria of some lesbians and secular progressives, Ron Paul is not a Christian Fundamentalist.

And contrary to some "Christian Fundamentalists," a fundamentalist approach to the Bible provides a more radical defense of liberty than Ron Paul's secular, Bible-free approach.

Ron Paul's curriculum is generally based on the "Austrian School of Economics." But Ron Paul's curriculum is not radically based on "Austrian Economics." It is "middle-of-the-road" Austrian Economics. Radical Austrian economists are anarchists, or "anarcho-capitalists." Ron Paul and his curriculum are not.

I'd like to introduce you to what might be called "Anarcho-Fundamentalism."

Click here: Ron Paul, The Bible, and Anarcho-Fundamentalism

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