Thursday, May 29, 2014

In God We Trust?

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals (just below the Supreme Court of the U.S.) has just ruled that "In God We Trust" is OK on our Mammon.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is pleased.

I'm not.

The Court followed numerous previous Federal District Courts and Appellate Courts which held that the word "GOD" cannot possibly offend atheists because the word is "secular" and "patriotic" and has "no theological . . . impact." In other words, atheists, chill out; its just a bunch of people taking the Lord's Name in vain.

The Second Circuit also followed a number of Supreme Court Justices who have noted that our nation's God-language is “a form [of] ‘ceremonial deism,’ protected from Establishment Clause scrutiny chiefly because [it has] lost through rote repetition any significant religious content."

“Ceremonial Deism?”

Back in 1844, when the word "God" had theological and religious meaning, and when the Supreme Court acknowledged that America was a Christian, rather than a "secular" (atheistic) nation, the Supreme Court declared that "deism" was a form of "infidelity" (which, if you went to government schools, means "faithlessness" [from the Latin fides, faith]). Back then, the Court said that government promotion of deism "is not to be presumed to exist in a Christian country."

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