Monday, July 06, 2015

The United Dis-Nations

Some people say I'm crazy because I'm an anarchist.

Of course, what I say is, "I am not an ARCHIST."

An "archist" is someone who believes he has a right to impose his will on others by force or threats of violence.

Am I really crazy to say that using coercion and threatening violence is unethical and immoral?

Is the following really a crazy thought:

For the last few centuries, human beings have tried organizing their societies using a monopoly of violence called "the State." The State has done the following in the last 100 years:
  • murdered hundreds of millions of innocent non-combatant civilians
  • enslaved billions of human beings (the Soviets and the Maoists enslaved entire countries)
  • stolen (taxed or confiscated or nationalized) trillions of dollars of private property.

We have tried the idea of "the nation-state for hundreds of years now." It has been a dismal failure. Let's try a state-less Free Market system.

Is that really a reckless proposal?

Two things are needed to stop this march of death:

  1. persuade the people who wear government uniforms that what they do is unethical or immoral.
  2. persuade those who salute or vote for these people that their lives will be improved once we abolish the machinery of death.

Too many people believe that without "governments," criminals -- murderers, thieves and kidnappers -- will:

       • murder hundreds of innocent non-combatant civilians
       • enslave thousands of human beings
       • steal millions of dollars of private property.

Compare that with the record of "the State" above.

In 1994, private non-state criminals in the U.S. stole $28 million.
That same year, the government stole $2 BILLION -- one hundred times more -- through just one government revenue program: "asset forfeiture."

"But if we abolish the government in Washington D.C., we will not be able to defend ourselves, and we will be invaded and enslaved."

Yes, by other governments.

Imagine a silent invasion. An enemy government replaces all the people who currently wear U.S. government uniforms with the people who wear government uniforms in Russia or China. It all happens overnight, without a shot being fired. Would Americans notice the difference? You have been invaded and "enslaved." What difference would it make? Would your taxes go up if suddenly all U.S. government employees were Chinese? If the government forced you to bake a cake for a Communist Rally or a homosexual wedding, would you feel better about it solely because the gun pointed to your head was held by your next-door neighbor rather than a "commie" from China?

So let's make this a global project.

Let's persuade human beings in every nation that theft, murder, and kidnapping are immoral, even if conducted by people calling themselves "the government."

Let's abolish the United States using a treaty with the people of Russia who agree that both "governments" will resign and disappear simultaneously from the face of the earth. Let's get rid of all the nation-states at once.

We could form a non-profit organization to promote this idea and hire experts who could draw up legal blueprints which could be adopted as treaties by governments as their last official act, abolishing themselves.

We could call it, "The United Dis-Nations."

The United Nations was promoted as a path to peace. The path to peace and a "Vine & Fig Tree" world is a state-less path.

Christian Globalism: The Vine & Fig Tree Worldview

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