Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Immigration Issue Takes to the Streets

In light of this past weekend's massive demonstrations on the issue of immigration, I have updated my immigration webpage:


I am an "open borders" libertarian, but I oppose any policy which opens borders by replacing individual nations with new regional governments.

I invite thoughtful comments and informed criticisms. I might delete comments which I think are racist, but that's just an invitation for any racists to replace overt racist remarks with more intelligent-sounding analysis.


Jake Porter said...


You have caused me to change my position on immigration some what.

I have a question though. How would you plan to keep the murders and rapists out? I didn't completely understand that.

Kevin Craig said...

I may be mistaken, but I'm hearing two things in your question. First, "the government" is keeping murderers and rapists out right now, and second, if we abolish government border police, we will have no way to deal with criminals who come from south of the border.

I'm learning that I can't post long links in comments (or at least it appears that way in the "preview,") so I'll comment on this comment in my next post.