Friday, July 28, 2006

Christianity and Capitalism

Click here for a conversation between D. James Kennedy and Baylor Univ. Prof. Rodney Stark on the myth of "the Dark Ages."

The Roman Empire, like any "good" empire, was a despotic totalitarian regime, with a huge percentage of the population enslaved, and the rest engaged in or championing sexual perversion.

Modern secularists want us to believe that when the Roman Empire fell under its own depraved weight, the world was plunged into centuries of intellectual stagnation and the eclipse of civilization.

Civilization is Liberty Under God, and this is what was developing after the fall of the Empire. During the so-called "Dark Ages," capitalism, representative democracy, science, and philosophy developed as a result of the triumph of Christianity over Greco-Roman humanism.

"Humanism" is not "humanitarianism." "Humanism" is the worship of Man rather than God. The worship of man as god inevitably takes the form of the worship of the State or the Emperor.

The Middle Ages could be called "the Frontier Age," because Europe broke away from Roman Imperialism just as America broke away from mercantilism, and began expanding the frontiers of human learning and civilization.

Click here for more on the connection between Christianity and Liberty.

Christianity is the greatest enemy of imperialism. Therefore, the federal government has been suppressing Christianity in an effort to expand its own power and crush liberty at home and around the world.

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