Tuesday, July 11, 2006

16 Tuesdays

I began this blog 16 Tuesdays ago. There are now 16 Tuesdays left until the 2006 election. I haven't even undertaken -- much less accomplished -- half of what I imagined doing, and now half the time I had 16 Tuesdays ago is gone.

I have to admit that fear is a major obstacle. I hate confronting the possibility that the person I'm about to talk to will think I'm either presumptuous ("Who does this guy think he is, running for the high and lofty office of U.S. Congressman?") or a nut ("Does this guy actually think he's going to win?").

Of course I have no illusions about winning. My goal is to educate as many voters (and non-voters) as I can. But the ideas I bring are strange-sounding to those who were raised on the two-party monopoly mainstream. Nobody likes to be rejected.

Publicly admitting this fear encourages me to step up the pace and contact more people (even though "publicly" in this case really means only a handful of people).

The LP website has a blog entry on "You Tube" and what impact it may have on electoral politics. Accordingly, I have added videos to my "War on Drugs" page, my Iraq page, and my police page.

16 weeks ago I had delusions of updating the links on at least on webpage per day. Any volunteers? Find a broken link, find the new URL to that page (if it still exists somewhere), and send it to me.

The real task is not getting an under-funded third party candidate elected in place of the third most powerful Republican in Congress, but in meeting people who actually have some respect for the Constitution and the idea of "Liberty Under God," and turning them into cell-leaders in their own sphere of influence.

Thanks to those of you who read and comment.


Rev.Vapor said...

Your blog and those of Mr. Rodgers have been instrumental in my education (enlightenment, awakening, whatever) to what our country is today and what it should be. I don't comment often, but I always read what you have to say. Sometimes what you guys have to say (Libertarians) leaves me with an uneasy feeling or questions regarding how the world would operate without all the "protection" and "security" made possible by our big brother... but then I realize that I am conditioned to feel that way.

Anyway, I appreciate your blog and what you have to say in it. More people need to hear what you guys have to say.

Bernie said...

July 12, 2036
Brauer heralded Kevin Craig as a visionary who was leaps and bounds ahead of his time.

"It's funny how J. Kevin Craig could imagine some of this stuff thirty years ago and he was a crackpot - he was a paranoid conspiracy person from the margins to be laughed at - that plus a generation equals reality."