Friday, September 15, 2006

Global Supply-Chain Fascism

AMR Research is a consultant for multi-national corporations. AMR released an article yesterday singing the praises of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) and bowing to government as the savior of the supply-chain.

Imagine the Devil's Workshop: the idle hands of a high-school dropout hanging out behind a grocery store. He picks up a can of spray paint and "tags" a palette of produce.

Is this an act of international terrorism? Is the intervention of Homeland Security called for?

Yes, says the Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). And Yes, says AMR Research, President Bush should take entire industries under his wing, as is in fact being done, regulating the Market -- effectively nationalizing industries -- with a sweep that would make Benito Mussolini and Hugo Chavez envious.

Granted, U.S. military presence in more than 100 nations is making recruiting for terrorism a breeze, and stirring up techno-vandals around the world, potentially more dangerous than our drop-out above. But do their numbers justify international socialism?

AMR shows that that the world of George Orwell is not wholly imposed from the top down; it also bubbles up from the bottom. Industry leaders and so-called "global capitalists" clamor for salvation from the State; the Free Market is crucified: "We have no market but Caesar!"

AMR recommends,
Don’t let the term “compliance” scare you — C-PAT offers great business benefits to those that do.
Global Industry is being subsumed into the Messianic State, not by forcible imposition, but by the faithless desire on the part of industry for political salvation. Welcome to the Bush Regime's New World Order.

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