Monday, October 02, 2006

Anti-SPP Resolution in Congress

Ron Paul is co-sponsoring a resolution against the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway. Details here. Library of Congress info here


Anonymous said...

Hello, my names is Kevin John Craig, I am thinking of running for Congress in New York State, I was wondering if you had any advice?

~Kevin J.Craig

Kevin Craig said...

Since you're reading my blog, I might assume you have some Christian or libertarian tendencies, but since our names are similar, you might be a big-government atheist just Googling your name and finding my blog. :-)

So my first question would be, why do you want to run for Congress?

Do you really want to win and become a politician, or do you want to educate voters? In other words, is your interest in politics or in principles?

For me, running for office is just a vehicle for educating voters. Winning an election is years away, because voters in my district care less about "Libery Under God" and more about . . . something else (I really don't know why so many people voted to re-elect the incumbent).

In any case, the first step is getting a website and a blog.

Since I don't know which district you're going to run in, or who the incumbent is, or what your ambition is, I can't offer much more advice. So post some more details!