Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is it a SIN to vote for Roy Blunt?

If I'm going to make a decent showing in November, I'm going to have to capture the votes of thousands of conservative Bible-believing Christians, who undoubtedly won't think twice (or even once) about voting to re-elect the Republican incumbent.

In order to reach this voting bloc on my limited campaign budget, I need to get a little free publicity. I need something that grabs attention, even from the secular press.

How about a website called

Is it a SIN to vote for Roy

Before I send out a press release, your comments on this website would be appreciated.


Rev.Vapor said...

Don't use Hitler as an example. People won't take you seriously. I know you are trying to illustrate a point and make it abundantly clear what it is, but using Hitler and the Nazi party as your illustration is cliché.

You mention that Blunt is a socialist and votes that way. I would provide more concrete examples. If you want to draw a parallel between what he does and how another nation operates China or France might be good examples. I think many conservative christians do not have high regard for those two countries.

This is all conjecture, I am not a politician, and I am sure I don't deal with people as often as you do.

Bernie said...

I never questioned
"The Holocaust", and
just assumed what was in
the mass media was true.

But when laws were passed banning discussion, and fines and
prison sentences were handed out
for opposing views I began
a research investigation.

I would have to say that
within two hours only
of research I found
out the simple truth.

I only watch mass media now
to look at how they "spin"
every single issue.

Bernie said...


That is an excellent presentation.
After reading that, even if
I was Roy Blunt, I would
not vote for Roy Blunt.

tom said...


After reading this again for the umpteenth time I believe you need to make it clear your not comparing Mr. Blunt to a nazi, much earlier in the post.
I do agree with posting some of the examples of how Mr. Blunt is a big governemnt socialist, examples like increasing the debt ceiling, making funds available for a crime lab that we the voters said NO to in Springfield. His support of "pill welfare" an I'm sure there are many other earmarks with his signature on them since the republicans took control of the congress and the presidency.