Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Corruption in the Military

Many people are willing to privatize the Post Office, cut government welfare, education, and corporate welfare programs, but they draw a line at the military. Let private charities help the poor, give parents choice in education, and get government out of commerce, but "national defense" is too holy to be touched by the unclean hands of the Market. All other government programs may be wasteful inefficient socialist programs, but the military (which is also socialist) can never fall to the same criticism.

"Government" -- being a monopoly enforced by threats of violence and shielded from competition -- encourages the worst in human nature. Government is inescapably a culture of waste and corruption as Citizens Against Government Waste confirms on a daily basis.

Why should we think there's no waste or personal selfishness in the government military?
Why should we think that the military is any more efficient at providing promised benefits than any other socialist government program?

MSNBC recently carried a story on how Iraq fraud whistleblowers are vilified. Government inherently resists efficiency and accountability. That's what "the chains of the Constitution" are all about; that's our whole theory of government in America.

Theory is borne out in practice: Bush's "War on Terror" Tactics Make America Less Safe, Less Free. Government makes everything it attempts to solve worse. Government claims to be protecting our freedoms, but we have less freedom as a result of their efforts. Government claims to be protecting us from terrorists, but the terrorists are stronger than ever, thanks to the government slaughter of terrorists' relatives and creation of a terrorist recruiting paradise. And the war in Afghanistan is making opium production better than ever.

Socialist programs are always good for the government and bad for America, and America's socialist military programs are no exception. Privatize them. Like the Post Office. The same economic laws that make socialism a disaster in the economy make socialism bad for "National Security."

The Myth of National Defense

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