Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eminent Domain Sociopaths

My last two YouTube videos didn't appear on this blog, but let's give it one more try:
If you don't see a YouTube screen above, click here:

I found out about this video from a new website dedicated to watching Big Brother:

This is a touching video about a couple from Portugal who created a business, and are ready to pass it on to their two sons, only to have a New Jersey city confiscate the business under "eminent domain" laws to give the property to a politically-connected developer. The couple's life and business (and their sons' inheritance) are being seized by the government, and their retirement funds are being transferred to lawyers in a futile quest to preserve private property. Their "American Dream" is being destroyed.

What would "The Sons of Liberty" have thought and done if the British Crown seized the business of Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, James Otis, John Adams, or his cousin, Samuel Adams? Violence, probably. Violence is never the answer. But neither are ignorance, apathy, inaction, or wishful thinking.

I'm sure the politicians who are seizing this couple's property are not deliberately seeking to make these Americans cry, or destroy the vision symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. I'm sure these politicians have genuinely deceived themselves into believing that they are "public servants," and are an asset to their community.

But they are wrong. The Nazis felt this way, and the Communists felt this way, but they were wrong.

Self-deception is a paradox. A person deceives himself into sincerely and genuinely believing something he knows is false.

Evil men always feel that there is some moral justification for the evil they commit. They rationalize, justify, and deceive themselves concerning the nature of their evil desires and evil acts. They sincerely don't believe they are evil. They sincerely believe they're doing what "has to be done."

Don't they?

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