Friday, May 23, 2008

They Died In Vain: Memorial Day 2008

No doubt many brave and courageous Americans are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. We've seen pictures of their caring and self-sacrificing actions. On Memorial Day we mourn those who did not come home.

If we back away from the emotion and look at their deaths more objectively -- from the perspective of those in Washington D.C. who ordered them off to foreign lands -- we have to conclude that they all died in vain.

Why should any American die to erect an Islamic Theocracy in Iraq? But that's what the Bush Administration has accomplished.

It seems that very little has changed since last year. No big changes have had to be made to my Memorial Day essay from last year. I'm still convinced that they all died in vain.

If you believe that the deaths of thousands of Americans in Iraq, and tens of thousands of Americans in wars throughout the 20th century, have made our world a better world, and brought us closer to the ideal of "Liberty Under God," feel free to post a comment.

Or speak out at the Ozarks Virtual Town Hall, this Saturday at 10:30am Central Time.


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