Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, Travis Maddox

Travis Maddox ran a better campaign than I did, and I'm genuinely surprised that he didn't get more votes than I did. He made a lot of personal sacrifices -- including his job -- made more personal appearances, invested more money, and probably made more new converts to liberty than I did.

And yet voters in southwest Missouri chose not to vote for Maddox, but to give more votes than they did in 2004 and 2006 -- and a higher percentage of their votes than in 2006 -- to the House Republican king-of-the-bailouts.


I have to admit I was hoping to break the 10,000-vote barrier, and I suspect Travis kept me from that goal. But Travis probably fits the Libertarian Party better than the Constitution Party, and together we topped 13,000 votes, so I'm willing to claim that the 7th Congressional District has more liberty-minded voters than any other district in Missouri. And I have no doubt that Travis Maddox inspired many of them to boldly break out of the 2-party prison.

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tom said...

Both of you gentlemen are to be commended for staying the course of liberty.
At some point probably not in my lifetime the electorate will get fed up and revolt from our current system, my hope is they aren't in chains at this point.