Saturday, November 22, 2008

The U.S. vs. The Free Market

In the President's Radio Address this morning, President Bush says he is "in Lima, Peru, meeting with leaders from nations in the Asia Pacific region at our annual summit."

Last week the leaders of other nations came to Washington D.C., where they collectively deliberated on how to run America's economy. Bush called them our "partners."

Did you vote those foreign leaders into the office of "parter?"

"Together," Bush says, "our nations must focus our efforts on three great forces that drive this growth -- free markets, free trade, and free people."

"Our nations?" Which nation is your nation other than America?

What can "our nations" do to promote "free markets, free trade, and free people" other than by not doing anything? Did "our nations" and our "partners" "focus" on abolishing the laws, regulations, and confiscations which stand in the way of "free markets, free trade, and free people?"

Bush also supports giving your money to Detroit. Presumably, if you supported giving your money to Detroit, you already would have. Obviously, Americans don't want to give their money to Detroit, or they already would have. Just as clearly, the Bush-Obama regime disagrees with what you want.

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