Monday, February 02, 2009

"Deadly Missiles" Launched on U.S. Soil

Did Saddam Hussein have "weapons of mass destruction?"

Of course he did. Just as Derek Shareef, a pathetic, homeless schlep from Rockford, Illinois, had "weapons of mass destruction."

A federal indictment of Shareef [pdf] describes the case of a socially-maladjusted 22-year-old American Muslim working as a clerk in a video game store who was approached by an FBI agent provocateur named William Chrisman, who called himself “Jameel.” “Jameel” continuously egged Shareef into Jihadist ambitions to prove his faith, until he helped Shareef formulate feeble plans for blowing up some hand grenades near a shopping mall. Shareef, who had no car, no permanent address, nor any military training or the means to acquire weaponry or explosives, was aided by the FBI's "Cooperating Source" to trade some stereo speakers for four hand grenades. Shareef was arrested in a parking lot waiting to make the trade. The federal indictment describes the hand grenades with all seriousness as "weapons of mass destruction." The headline of a typical story about this episode claims that an “FBI sting thwart[ed]” Shareef's plans. (Source: Will Grigg)

Now a report out of the pulsing metropolis of Ocala, FL, where police have charged two boys, aged 15 and 17, with launching "deadly missiles" at police. If convicted of these felonies, the boys will lose their right to vote before they ever get an opportunity to exercise it. The "deadly missiles" were oranges, which hit the passenger side of a patrol car. (Source: Al Cronkrite)

Nobody in the United Nations or the liberal media has ever been able to deny that Saddam Hussein had oranges.

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