Monday, February 16, 2009

George Washington Coaching

I didn't mean to be so hard on George Washington. He was a product of his times, a man of his age, and a better and more admirable man than any living president. I think if he could visit our day, he would be as critical of his achievements as I am.

So I propose looking at the man, his life, and the advice he gave to his country.

Each of us could do quite well to have George Washington as our personal coach and mentor. He was a man of virtue, courage, and a keen intellect. His breadth of learning and sagacity enabled him to mediate conflicting political factions and move them toward a goal he believed was in the nation's best interests (not to be confused with Clintonian "triangulation").

I'd like to believe that Washington would look back with 20/20 hindsight and reject armed revolution over a 2% tax rate, reject the Constitution of 1787, and adopt what we have called "anarcho-theocracy." This is where he and his "experiment in liberty" was headed during his lifetime: "Liberty Under God."

February 22 will be the 277th anniversary of George Washington's birth. On that day a select few will begin a year-long program of personal coaching from George Washington:

Or at least as good an impersonation as we can expect in the dismal year of 2009.

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