Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Theocracy Needed in Iran, part 2

Tom Knapp says he was thinking about me. I'm honored.

My reply to Tom's comment (knocked out again by Holoscan because of too many links):

The tactics used by the current ruling regime against Muslim rebels in Iran are pretty much identical in character to the tactics used by Putin against Muslim rebels in Chechnya. But when Putin cracked down in Chechnya, I don't recall you announcing "This is what theocracy looks like."

I might have applauded you if you had, arguing that Putin's brand of theocracy is based on the religion of Secular Humanism, where every man is his own god, especially those who hold political power. Or the religion of statism.

But I don't think you would be one trying to argue that Secular Humanism is a theocratic religion.

What you're really arguing, by pointing to totalitarian political thugism and saying "This is what theocracy looks like," is really "This is what all theocracy looks like." The implication being that so-called secular governments which hide their religious presuppositions are always better than governments which openly admit theirs and seek to be consistent with them.

Christocrat Benjamin Rush and I would disagree with you and Putin.

And I would argue that all but one or two of America's "Founding Fathers," were they to travel through time to July 4th, 2009, would agree that Christian Theocracy is what made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history, and that a true, purified version of Christian Theocracy -- which I call "anarcho-theocracy" -- is the answer to our problems today.

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