Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tiller the Nazi

Salon News and many others are complaining about Bill O'Reilly's campaign against murdered doctor George Tiller, particularly O'Reilly's allegation that Tiller engaged in "Nazi stuff."

Tiller killed more human beings than Adolph Hitler.

Sure, Hitler ordered the killing of more people than Tiller killed, but Hitler himself didn't do the killing. He depended on people like Tiller -- people who could kill, co-conspire, or be accomplices, and still assuage their consciences, because they were "just following orders," and they "weren't fully human," and it was "safe and legal."

It takes a lot of Tillers to pull off a holocaust. Ordinary, church-going people, respected by their ordinary church-going neighbors, who have to "feed their families." Somebody has to drive the cattle cars to the concentration camps. Somebody has to make sure the Fuhrer's orders are carried out. Lots of somebodies. Tiller was somebody.

Under America's secular system of "capitalism," the government doesn't order the Tillers to kill. It just makes it very profitable for somebody to do so.

And the profits are then used to make it "safe and legal" -- though hardly "rare" -- through campaign contributions to pro-"choice" politicians.

Or pro-"defense" politicians.

And the "Decider's" decisions are carried out by somebody else, somebody who "has to make a living."

Are YOU a "somebody?"

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