Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pre-Existing Conditions

I figured out a great way to win my campaign for Congress in 2010.

I just need a few million dollars.

So the idea came to me: I need to become the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar life insurance policy.

So I called up a leading Insurance broker and asked about getting a multi-million dollar life insurance policy on my father.

My father died about 8 years ago.

I was refused!

My rights were denied because of pre-existing conditions!

I'm writing my Congressman.

The broker had the unmitigated gall to tell me I don't know the first thing about insurance. He told me to look here:

Insurance: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics Library of Economics and Liberty

WikiAnswers - What is considered a preexisting condition

This can't be right. This would completely invalidate the current discussions in Washington D.C. about our "right" to health coverage for pre-existing conditions.

All those politicians are wrong?

Are they transforming "insurance" into confiscation and redistribution of wealth?

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Kevin Craig said...

By the way, I added that post to my blog by texting it while driving. Unfortunately I had an accident while doing so. So I went to an insurance agent to get some accident insurance for my car, which had been totaled. Once again, I was denied insurance coverage for my heap-of-scrap-metal-car because of pre-existing conditions! This is an outrage! Nobody should be denied insurance for "pre-existing conditions"! Government should force the auto insurance company to accept my check for one month's premium and cut me a check for a new car!