Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bill Wilberforce

Today is the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Wilberforce.

Here is an excellent commentary by Charles Colson.

The Bible says slaves are to obey their masters, even wicked masters. They are to work for their masters as if they were working for Christ.

So wasn't it a mistake for Wilberforce to seek to abolish the institution of slavery?

The Bible says citizens are to obey their government, even wicked governments. They are not to resist them, but are to pray for them.

Would it be a mistake if we followed the example of Wilberforce and sought to abolish the institution of "government?" Why? Why not? Please add your comment below.

Note: I'm not saying we should abolish slavery the way it was abolished in the U.S.: by suspending the Consitution and killing half a million human beings. Wilberforce abolished slavery without firing a shot. Nor should we abolish the government the way America's Founding Fathers did so: by taking up arms and killing thousands of human beings.

But we need to abolish theft, murder, and kidnapping, and especially the institution that thrives on all three, stealing trillions of dollars to pursue its objectives of vengeance and the overthrow of governments of which it does not approve.

We need more Wilberforces today.

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