Thursday, March 04, 2010

Joplin Independent

The Joplin Independent requested a 250-word statement about my campaign. I sent them the following (links added for this blog):


Kevin Craig’s campaign theme is “Liberty Under God.” He is a “radical” Libertarian and an “extremist” Christian. He believes the Boston Tea Party (1773) was an unChristian act of vandalism, and he condemns the American Revolution, but believes Americans have a duty to abolish any government that becomes a tyranny -- using persuasion and reason (rather than violent revolution).

He believes the federal government has become an atheistic dictatorship. It prohibits public school teachers in southwest Missouri from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence is really true:
• that our rights come from God,
• that there are moral absolutes,
• that we all must stand before “the Supreme Judge of the World,”
• and that we should have a firm reliance on the “Invisible Hand” of “Divine Providence” to manage our economy rather than Washington bureaucrats.

Kevin Craig’s parents met at the School of the Ozarks (now College of the Ozarks), moving to California in the 1950’s. Kevin was born there, and graduated from the University of Southern California. He passed the California Bar Exam, but a secularist federal court denied him a license to practice law because he believes America should be a nation “under God,” and because his allegiance to God is greater than his allegiance to the government.

Politics is a “tug-of-war.” Kevin Craig wants Missouri to send the first Libertarian to Congress to pull the rope of socialism back to 1776, so that Capitalism, Competition, and Free Markets can propel America into the prosperity of the 21st century.


Christ Alone is King said...

Tell it like it is! God Bless you in your congressional run!... let me know what I can do to help.

Kevin Craig said...

You've just helped by leaving a comment! Please see this page for more ideas.