Monday, March 01, 2010

Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi Eukel

I'll be glad when I'm elected to Congress, and my Congressional staff can keep my schedule straight. I erroneously assumed that my appearance on Rabbi Eukel's "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi" was this evening; in actuality it was this morning.

The show was to feature all the candidates who have thus far filed for the 7th Congressional seat in Missouri (filing does not close until March 30). Here's some of what I heard, with links to my own website:

Tim Davis, so far the lone the Democrat candidate, opened the show. He's an unusual Democrat, to put it mildly, and no sharper contrast could be imagined than between him and the 2006 Democrat nominee, Jack Truman. Davis is a native of the Ozarks and an Oxford scholar who boasts of his admiration for Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich A. Hayek. How can a fan of Mises and Hayek run in the party of John Maynard Keynes?

Jeff Wisdom was next, also having a graduate degree in economics, and praising the Free Market system. He wants to repeal the 16th Amendment (income tax) but wants to substitute a "Fair Tax" in its place. He is pro-military, and pro-"War on Terrorism." He says we shouldn't worry about the God-given rights of human beings arbitrarily accused of being a "terrorist" by a corrupt government which shows no respect for the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. (Well, he didn't put it that way. He said something like, "This is war.")

Gary Nodler, a state senator, says he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, is opposed to abortion, cloning, homosexual marriage, and debt, though he boasts of giving out lots of loans with a government small business agency.

Bob Schanz did not participate.

Mike Moon was next. He talked about his children, and a school bully. He defends the Biblical view of Marriage. Also the military. He says the government cannot be our caretaker. He also supports a "Fair Tax." He says he's the "Common sense compassionate conservative Ronald Reagan Republican."

Darrell Moore is Greene County Prosecutor. He boasts of his involvement in creating a multitude of government laws against truancy, drunkenness, immigration, etc., on the local level, and now wants to make lots of laws on the national level. He says Americans want decent jobs, healthcare, education, housing, retirement, and other "middle class values" they are "entitled to."

Jack Goodman is also a Missouri state senator. He quoted Lincoln about "inflexible principles." He says the "experiment in liberty" that America's Founders initiated "has worked" and "still works." A happy thought.

Bob Brown did not participate.

Billy Long is an auctioneer, which would seem to be a vital skill for a politician. He wants "citizen legislators." He says businessmen have more "common sense" than politicians in D.C.

Dean Moore is an independent. He was a youth pastor and now an auto parts store manager. As such, he has probably done more to promote transportation than all the transportation bureaucrats combined. He's a big defender of the 10th Amendment. Although he wants to trim government, he says we have to "honor our commitments." Supports a "Fair Tax" and the 2nd Amendment. "Get out of the U.N," he says.

I have recorded a 7-minute message. It's probably not exactly what I would have said this morning, since I have had time to listen to the other candidates, check out their websites, and think a little more about what distinguishes my campaign for "Liberty Under God" from the other campaigns.

If that link does not begin playing in your browser, try this page with an embedded player at the bottom:

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