Monday, September 06, 2010

Character Counts?

If Scott Eckersley were the Republican candidate for Missouri's 7th District seat in Congress, and Billy Long were the Democrat candidate, I suspect Republicans would be a lot happier.

Just changing party labels would make this race a completely different contest in the eyes of tens of thousands of voters.

But most Republicans put party loyalty ahead of character.

I admit, I wouldn't vote for anyone who increases the ranks of the Party of Pelosi, regardless of his personal character. I would not vote at all.

That's one reason I'm running: to give people like me someone to vote for.

In Missouri's 7th District, a vote for the Libertarian candidate cannot help the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

You are VERY naive regarding the Mexican border and imigration. You need to go live on the damn border for a year or two PRIOR to talking your nonsense!! Or better yet, please move back to CA and have your love fest with the illegals. Your out of your element in MO!

Kevin Craig said...

I'm naive - so fill me in. What am I not aware of? How would this awareness change my opinion of the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Statue of Liberty? What is it I would learn living on the border that I didn't learn living in the barrio?

I realize that in Missouri there is an element of anti-immigration sentiment, and I am out of that element.

We need to get back to the foundational principles that made America great. Anti-immigrantism is not one of those principles.