Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Libertarians Balance Budget by 2020

Libertarian Plan Balances the Federal Budget by 2020 Without Raising Taxes CNSnews.com

Two reasons why this plan from the CATO Institute won't be passed by Congress:

First, everyone these days is a special interest. Everyone is willing to cut the other guy's pork, but not his own. Congress responds to special interests, not morality.

Second, Republicans won't pass a Democrat (or Libertarian) proposal. Democrats won't pass a Republican (or Libertarian) Proposal. There are no Libertarians (except Republican Ron Paul [who has been advocating these cuts for decades]) in Congress.

Finally, why wait until 2020?
  • The sane thing to do is to balance the very next budget, period.
  • The Constitutional thing to do is to abolish all programs which do not have enumerated Constitutional authorization.
  • The moral thing to do is to stop stealing and defrauding.
But then, we wouldn't have "the government" anymore.

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