Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

"Pride," "honor," and "support" are not words that come to my mind when I think about Veterans Day.

There are two kinds of veterans.

• Some were conscripted -- enslaved;
• some volunteered.

It's easier for me to have some sympathy for those who were ordered -- that is, threatened with violence -- to fight in an unconstitutional, unChristian war by an empire at war with God, than for those who enlisted of their own free will.

But I would have even more pride, honor and support for those who were threatened with prison and fines and chose to absorb the violence of The State rather than kill other human beings in an unjust war -- or support those who were actually doing the killing.

Even Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was willing to go to prison rather than Vietnam, which he called a "Christian war."

No war the United States has fought has been a "Christian war."

I've re-packaged my "Memorial Day" essay as a "Veterans Day" essay (if you haven't already read it), and (if you have) you can share your comments on that essay here on this blog.

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