Sunday, January 09, 2011

Politics and Religion

I received an email today from someone telling me I shouldn't mix politics and religion. My response:

Politics is religion externalized.
Politics is how religion is implemented.
All politics is religious.
It always has been, and it always will be.
You cannot separate religion and politics.

Christianity is the only religion that is
anti-politics. All other religions favor

"Politics" comes from the Greek word "polis."
It was all about religion in the Greek world,
and it's all about religion today.

Today politics is about the religion of Secular Humanism:

In the Garden of Eden, Adam was told to
"exercise dominion over the earth."

This meant tilling the garden (Genesis 2:15) and
engaging in peaceful, voluntary trade with others.

Some people don't want to work. They don't
want to till the garden. They want to TAX
those who till the garden.

Other people who don't want to exercise dominion
over the earth by tilling the garden aren't
willing to steal from others, but they want to
escape personal responsibility and are content
to become the slaves of those who do the taxing,
and receive "security" in return.

So there are three kinds of religion, and
three kinds of politics:

• Dominion Religion
• Power Religion
• Escape Religion

Religions like Buddhism are escape religions,
and are always taken captive by power religions.

Islam is a power religion.
Keynesianism is a power religion.

Politics is the path to salvation in
non-Christian religions:

Sometimes members of escape religions
complain about being taxed by believers
in power religions, but in reality,
they like being taxed, because they like
being fed. They like "security."

God wanted Israel to live in peace and
abundance by exercising dominion in the
promised land. But a whole generation
of Israelites wanted to return to the
security of Pharaoh. God destroyed
them in the wilderness. When the
new generation entered the promised land,
they said they wanted a king like all
the other nations around them.

The desire for politics (power religion)
is a rejection of God. (1 Samuel 8)

Christianity is the only religion which
is against humanistic politics.

If you reject Christianity, then you condemn yourself
to politics.

Kevin Craig
Powersite, MO 65731-0179


Anonymous said...

I found this hard to accept your philosophy on "Christianity is the only religion that is anti-politics” when I discover in the New Testament, how the Roman Empire use the word “Government” throughout the second half of the bible during the crucifixion of Jesus when this government didn’t stop their power to stop this act, also assembly, governors, crusaders (military) who confiscated property from victims who couldn’t pay their taxes that government is doing today. Italy claims Christianity.

Kevin Craig said...

Why do you find it hard to accept my philosophy that "Christianity is the only religion that is anti-politics" when you discover that the thoroughly religious empire that assassinated Christ was called the "government" and was an accomplice to the murder of Christ? I would think your discovery would lean you in my direction.

As an anarchist/pacifist I oppose the Crusades. But the Crusades were more Christian and less political than the crusades of the Bush-Obama regime. See this page.

Taxes and confiscation of property are clearly un-Christian.

Italy may claim Christianity, but Christianity does not claim Italy. By "Christianity" I mean "consistent adherence to the teachings of Christ."