Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea Party Threatens Violence

Here, especially the comments:

The Fred Phelps Freak Show - Tea Party Nation

See my previous post: Harrisonville Stops Speech

If Fred Phelps were a black liberal, the Tea Party folks would never, ever say these things in public, because they want to maintain their image against the Lamestream Media who would jump at these words and say "See!?! We told you!!"

But the media won't jump on threats of violence directed toward those the media already hates, so these ugly threats will be ignored. Or "tolerated."

Some violence is politically correct, and the media will turn its collective head when bullies pounce on a politically incorrect figure.

Shame on the Tea Party Nation.

They reveal themselves to be cowardly bullies.

In case some comments get pulled from the website, here's a few:

Permalink Reply by Ken B 21 minutes ago
Rolling Thunder, a group of bikers, meets him in my state. The cops say he wants someone to assault him and his inbred group so he can sue them and pay his bills. The bikers get between the inbreds and the mourners and if the inbreds make noise by shouting, they are drowned out by motorcycle engines.

Permalink Reply by Pat Chadwell 21 minutes ago
As long as Berry was in AZ Fred Phelps would not show up... Also the local AZ bikers said if he showed up they would step in to help take control of them....In other words push them all out of town.....

Permalink Reply by Rocky Venti 21 minutes ago
Send him up here to northern California. We will be glad to "welcome" him to the area...

Permalink Reply by Pat Chadwell 16 minutes ago
Yep right in the middle of Shasta Lake would be a great place for them all...

Permalink Reply by Daniel Tabib 17 minutes ago
It can't just be about drowning out the noise. It needs to be about making the noise go away. These people have no respect for human life and there needs to be something that can be done outside of violence to make this stop.

Permalink Reply by Deborah Sue Porter 13 minutes ago
I am a Christian, and by denomination, a Baptist, and it horrifies me every time I hear the press refer to this family as a "Baptist" "church". From what I understand this so-called "church" consists of only one family who continue to dishonor the name of Christ with their despicable behavior. Too bad a lot of people only hear the word Baptist and associate it with one denomination. True Christians love and pray for unbelievers. They do not add emotional distress to grieving families at funerals.

Permalink Reply by raymond bober 12 minutes ago
let him come to New Jersey...We can arrange for Nicky, Guido, Tony and a few more of the boys to meet him here

Permalink Reply by John S 10 minutes ago
Fred Phelps band of clowns was given quite a welcome in both Harrisonville and Weston Missouri recently. I think they might see the writing on the wall.

Permalink Reply by Gary 6 minutes ago
Check this out! Right after Mohamed OBAMA tells all the children that we must all get along, this guy calls him out!

Permalink Reply by J. Sparks 6 minutes ago
Bullies only understand one language --- violence. Bloody their nose and they'll leave you alone. Being a Harley-riding man of many, many years all I can say about Rolling Thunder is -- God Bless them and I pray they continue to block this idiot and his freak show.

Permalink Reply by martha _arizona 4 minutes ago
The Baptists kicked him out of the affiliation. Phelps has been at this since the 50s. He was also an atty., but was disbarred. He and his family have quite a history of disruption at gay and military funerals and attacks against various individuals. They have lost cases against them and still they don't stop. Nothing stops them from spewing their satanic hatred.

Permalink Reply by Bob Bowser 2 minutes ago
Interestingly this band of inbreds are actually lawyers... In Topeka there are several buildings on them with the Phelps name on them... and I have been told they are all related.

If foresters could ever clone the Phelps' genetic code, they'd make millions growing powerpoles that don't need to be trimmed... you see, there are no branches on the Phelps family tree.

The prophets in the Bible were masters at inflicting "emotional distress" on unjust, oppressive emperors and lazy, idolatrous citizens who preferred statist security rather than personal responsibility. If you don't like what the prophets say, refute the message, don't physically suppress the messenger.