Monday, July 09, 2012

Am I a "Christian Reconstructionist?"

Yesterday Gary DeMar published an article entitled, "If You Love Liberty You Might be a Terrorist."

The article concerns a report on terrorism in the United States published by the Department of Homeland Security.

I'm not going to quote from the article. It's a short article, a good article, and you should click that link above and read the article.

The report on terrorism cites "Christian Reconstructionists and Islamists" as potential terrorists.

Gary DeMar is listed in the Christian Reconstructionism Category on Wikipedia, so he is rightly concerned about the government saying Christian Reconstructionists are potential "terrorists."

Although I claim in many places (here, for example) to be a Christian Reconstructionist, or to have a "background" in the Christian Reconstructionist movement, or that I wrote a regular column in the Chalcedon Report, some would say I am not a "Christian Reconstructionist" because I was "excommunicated" from the Christian Reconstructionist movement, both formally and informally, and am now listed in Gary North's "Who's Not" of the Christian Reconstruction movement.

But it seems that Gary DeMar still feels that I'm a "Reconstructionist." In the article above he wrote:

As one Reconstructionist put it: “Our goal is persuasion, not revolution.”

Although nearly every Reconstructionist has said something like this, the only Reconstructionist I know who has written those exact words (and Google hasn't disproven me) is a certain Libertarian candidate for Congress, in a blog post on Romans 13.

It's nice to feel "included."

On persuasion, see:

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On revolution, see:

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